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Towing Companies in Phoenix

When you need roadside assistance, you need a company that will respond quickly and professionally. You also want a firm that is transparent about pricing. Some firms may promise low-priced service, only to load a massive bill on you later. Central Towing delivers on both of these promises, providing rapid, high-quality service for an honest price.

They’re also licensed and insured, which provides you with peace of mind. No one likes to worry about accidents or theft, but knowing your vehicle is covered will help to calm those fears. You can also be confident that their towing trucks are fully equipped to handle any size vehicle or situation.

In addition to their emergency towing services, they have flatbeds for hauling your vehicle, as well as a mobile jump start service. They can even bring gas to you if your car is out of fuel, and have several dead battery solutions.

Towing companies in phoenix towing companies in phoenix az are often hired to remove abandoned vehicles from public spaces and private property, such as residential or commercial parking lots. These abandoned vehicles can ruin the look of a business, or they can create a safety hazard if someone gets hurt while trying to move them. While Arizona has laws against abandoning vehicles, this does not stop people from doing so, making it a huge problem for property owners. To address the issue, some towing companies in phoenix have created a program that targets these cars.

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