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What Happens During a French Bulldog Heat Cycle?

If you have a female French bulldog, chances are she will experience a heat cycle at some point in her life. It’s important to know what to expect so that you can prepare yourself and her for the event.

First Heat

A Frenchie’s heat cycle generally begins at french bulldog heat cycle about 6 months of age, although it can occur up to 9 months. Many breeders recommend that you have your female spayed before she enters her first heat cycle so that she doesn’t end up having an unplanned pregnancy.

Second Stage of Estrus

During this stage of her heat cycle, your dog will be more responsive to attention from males. She will exhibit physical changes including a swollen vulva, an increase in her vaginal discharge, and pheromones that will attract them to her. She may also display her availability by flagging, where she lifts and shifts her tail to one side.

Swollen Vulva During Heat

A swollen vulva is the main indicator that your dog is in heat. It’s usually red during this period and you should see her licking it more than usual.

She will likely pee more than normal too during this period of her heat cycle, so make sure to watch her closely. This is because she is trying to mate with as many different potential partners as possible, and so her bladder capacity will be full.

This is the time when she will be most receptive to males and most likely to conceive. It is the shortest phase of her heat cycle and will only last for about 18 days.

Third Stage of the Heat Cycle

The third stage of her heat cycle, called proestrus, lasts 4 to 20 days. At this time, your dog’s vulva will become swollen and her vaginal discharge will become yellowish and watery. This is when she will most likely mate and conceive her puppies.

Her ovaries will begin to work hard to get pregnant during this period of her heat cycle and she may also produce more pheromones. The resulting litter of puppies will be born to her at around the same time as her previous one and will probably be healthy and well-behaved.

Four Months Until Pregnancy

The Frenchie’s heat cycle lasts up to 63 days from the day the semen latches on. On average, she will deliver 3 to 5 puppies. However, on rare occasions, she can deliver 7 puppies.

Regardless of how many pups she delivers, the delivery of a litter is very stressful for her. Fortunately, you can minimize her stress by being patient and giving her plenty of TLC and love during this period.

Silent Heat

In some cases, a Frenchie’s heat cycle can go silent, which can be confusing for owners because it doesn’t involve the vaginal discharge you normally expect with this type of ovulation. This is sometimes referred to as “silent” heat and it can occur during the dog’s first year of life, without any visible symptoms.

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