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How to Choose Local Movers

Choosing the right local movers is essential for a stress-free move. If you hire a professional, full-service company, they’ll take care of everything from packing and transporting to loading and unloading. They can even help you get settled in your new home with organization and furniture placement services.

When you’re ready to choose a local moving company, start with recommendations from friends and family members. Ask about their experiences and whether they were satisfied with the service. Then, compare cost estimates to find the best deal. Then, request a list of references so you can speak directly with previous customers about their experiences with the moving company.

Local movers are familiar with the streets in your city. They know which routes to take and how to avoid traffic. They also have experience maneuvering through tight spaces, walk-up buildings, and luxury condominiums. In addition, they’re aware of landlord requirements, like a Certificate of Insurance, and can anticipate any challenges that might occur.

In addition, local movers local movers in huntsville al are often licensed and insured through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This means that they’re held to a higher standard than other moving companies. You can check a moving company’s license status through your state’s transportation department or public utilities commission. You can also check their certifications, such as AMSA ProMovers or Better Business Bureau accreditation.

The time of year can also affect how much you pay for a local move. Moving rates are typically higher during peak seasons, such as the summer and fall. This is because movers have more demands during these times. In addition, weekends tend to be more expensive than weekdays.

Another way to save money on a local move is to avoid extra charges. Some moving companies charge extra for long carries, elevator fees, and other special circumstances that can add up quickly. To avoid these extra costs, ask your moving company for an upfront quote and confirm the details with them before signing the contract.

Many of the local movers that Mayflower works with for interstate moves offer additional local moving services, as well. These independent agents understand that every move is unique and can provide specialized services for different needs, including senior moves. They can even help with moving into an assisted living facility or retirement community.

If you’re moving to a new apartment, condo, or house, make sure that your local movers are familiar with the building’s layout and any specific requests from the management team. They can give you tips on navigating difficult situations, such as narrow staircases, parking restrictions in luxury buildings, and landlord requirements for a Certificate of Insurance. Additionally, they can provide floor protection for wet weather and extra boxes or a furniture dolly if needed. Lastly, they can ensure that your belongings are safe and secure while in transit. They can also provide storage solutions for your items until you’re ready to move them into your new home.

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