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Before Selling Your Car for Cash

If you’re looking to make a little extra cash, scrapping your car might be an option. You’ll find many junkyards and junk car buyers around the country who will pay you for your old ride.

Junkyards and scrap yards want to sell your car for scrap metal, so they’ll pay you a good amount for your car if it’s in decent condition. You’ll want to check with local junkyards for their average price per ton and compare it to what you might expect to get if you sold your vehicle through an online used and damaged car buyer.

Parts You Can Sell

If your car is in working order, you can sell the engine and other parts to an authorized recycler. These will be worth much more than the rest of your car, so you’ll end up with a better profit.

Your State’s Laws and Regulations

In many states, you’ll need to have a valid title in hand before a scrap dealer will purchase your car. This may include a bill of sale or a transfer from an owner who still owns the vehicle.

You’ll also need to have the car’s V5 ownership document on hand. Having this will allow the scrap dealer to clear your car with the DVLA and send it off for destruction.

Other parts you can sell are air conditioning units, oil filters, and engines that have been rebuilt. While these might not be worth a lot of money, they can easily earn you $50 to $100.

It’s a good idea to take pictures of the car to give to scrapy yards and junkyards. This way, they’ll know exactly what you’re trying to sell.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to do a lot of legwork to tear down your car and sell it for parts. This takes time and effort, so you’ll be better off focusing on the parts that are most valuable.

If you do sell the parts, make sure to have a good quality picture of the car and make it as appealing as possible. You’ll want to sell the most expensive and highest-quality parts first, then you can try to sell the rest of it for scrap metal.

Your Own Tools and Equipment

If your vehicle is in working order, you can probably dismantle it by yourself and sell the parts that aren’t worth much. However, you’ll need a few pieces of equipment and some knowledge to dismantle it properly.

Some of the easiest parts to sell are things like the engine, transmission, and a few of the windows, mirrors, and doors. These can be sold to other car owners or parts collectors.

You can also sell unused parts that don’t need replacement, such as a spare tire or an air conditioner unit. These are worth less than your car’s battery, but they can earn you a few hundred dollars when sold to someone who needs them.

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