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Tray Accessories: Enhancing Functionality and Practicality for Utes

Ute Trays are a valuable tool for tradies, farmers and anyone who loves a bit of rough-and-tumble in the outdoors. They provide a solid platform for tools, gear and larger equipment and are available in a range of sizes to suit different applications. There are a multitude of added accessories for your ute tray, such as reversing cameras, welded-in toolboxes and ladder racks. Some of these add-ons may be more useful than others, so it’s best to consult a 4×4 accessories expert like the team at MNF 44.

A ute tray is the perfect addition to any truck or utility vehicle. It provides increased load space and removable sides, making it a practical solution for any pick-up truck. It’s also a great way to add value and style to your truck. You can even get tax write-offs on a truck upgrade like this, so it’s well worth the investment.

The main type of Duratray Ute Trays is aluminium, but steel trays are also available. There are pros and cons to both types, so it’s important to know what you will be using your ute for before you choose one. Steel trays are heavier, but they are also tougher and 3 times stiffer than alloy trays. This makes them more resilient to impacts, which is important for tradies who carry heavy loads over long distances.

Another advantage of a steel ute tray is its durability. It can withstand the roughest Australian conditions and is designed to last. It’s important to look for a quality tray that’s abrasion-blasted, high zinc primed and powder coated in an automotive two-pack paint finish before being fitted. It’s also important to get your ute tray fitted by a team of experts who can advise you on the right size and configuration for your needs.

You can also fit a number of additional features to your ute tray, such as mud flaps, which protect the underside of the vehicle and offer protection for drivers behind you. You can also add a rear light protector that will prevent your taillights from getting damaged by debris. Some ute trays are also equipped with tying rails, which can help secure your loads.

Some ute trays are fitted with steps to make it easier to climb into the cargo area. These can be particularly useful for tradies who are carrying ladders, tools or other large items that need to be stowed away in the back of the vehicle.

Ute trays are the ultimate utility conversion for your pickup truck. They offer increased loading capacity and tie-down points, while the numerous accessories ladder rack, underbody and topside tool boxes, tool drawers, canopies provide extra functionality. This versatile accessory is now found on 3 out of every 4 pick-up trucks in Australia. It’s a must-have for any utility vehicle, and you can find plenty of options online to suit your budget. Just make sure you buy from a team that prides itself on expertise and local support.

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